This revolutionary micro-needling treatment aims to tighten, lift and rejuvenate the skin. It can visibly improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, surgical, acne and trauma scars.

By using the skin’s ability to heal itself, puncturing the dermis with microscopic needles triggers the production of new collagen. Micro-Needling is used to improve skin tone and texture; treating the appearance of ageing; scarring; stretch marks; pigmentation marks from acne and sun damage.

The results from micro-needling skin remodelling can go on for months after each treatment. Results can be seen from one to eight weeks later. Typically you will see results after your first treatment. Long lasting and more significant results will occur after 4-6 treatments when spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Treatment packages are available.


“The technique of micro needling has been shown to increase the remolding of the skin by creating thousands of microscopic channels thru the skin, to increase the formation of new tissue by activating the body’s wound healing cascade (hemostasis-inflammation-proliferation- tissue remodeling). The micro-channeling causes the release of growth factors that promote scar- less healing and the deposition of normal woven collagen rather than scar collagen.Growth Factors are essential for regulating the cellular events involved in wound healing by attracting cells to the wound, thus stimulating proliferation, and significantly influencing matrix deposition”.
Fibroblasts are among the cells that are activated by TGF-beta. When a fibroblast is activated it will under go cell division and produce collagen. Collagen deposition is responsible for plumping the skin and reversing the visible signs of ageing.
TGF-beta is extremely important because it affects most aspects of tissue wound repair, namely initiation and termination and also promotes differentiation and proliferation.This improves dermal regeneration, that acts locally to promote protein and collagen synthesis, and induces the expression of TGF-beta

Generally, Micro needling creates thousands of channels thru the epidermis, this appears to be the most effective method. It is safe, cost effective, and simple. Needle depth is pre set and cannot penetrate deeper than the length of the needles.

Studies, have also evaluated that the penetration forces and needle length, after all the biopsies, new collagen fibers were only found at the corium not deeper than 0.5mm to 0.6mm. Even though 1.5 mm needles were used, no new collagen fibers could be found in the sub dermal layer illustrating no benefit to using longer more invasive needles.

The comparative slides below shows new collagen and elastin formation, 6 weeks after “dry” micro needling. Dry meaning, “no substance was used or infused into the skin”. In this study, biopsies taken from 10 different patients from various parts of their body demonstrated an average increase in new fibers of 206%, one biopsy a 1000% increase was recorded.